Handcrafted decoys

Bauer Painting

Nancy Bauer has been instructing students on decoy painting since the 80's. Her easy to follow instruction packets are used by beginners, as well as advanced painters. Each packet is species specific. The instruction begins with the preparation of your decoy, sanding and sketching the patterns. The supplies, paints and brushes are described followed by actual painting and feathering techniques. These instructions show details of the birds and their coloration. Each contains a color picture of the final product to help you with your project.

Our Bauer Painting instructions are sold individually or with a wooden blank as a set. Match the packet to your needs or order our paint packet and blank together. This is a great gift idea! Listings will be updated as more become available so check back soon.

Paints are not included with the kit. A palette of colors is listed in each set of instructions. Find these paints in any craft or hobby store.

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